Over the course of three decades. this woman Sahn and ensemble members, have brought us their innovative approach to the integration of dance/song as a language of our times; as a connection to the Indigenous Heart of human kind.

Once again, they invite us into the wilderness and soft inner space of Artist Quest-2009. The ceremonial context and root system of this artistic blueprint is felt as an intertwining of Dance Medicine Art, embracing the Soul of Sacred Song,TM. Within our artistic passion and silent depths we will cultivate a very personal listening and intimate conversation with creative spirit.

In our quest, we are dancing and singing for connection to the very soul of our Artistry; for our partnerships, for our family and community, for the universal prayer that holds us all together, and for the very existence of creative spirit upon this earth. We are dancing and singing to save lives and to effect the quality of life for all. "This connection is our Indigenous Heart...it is therefore boundless...it cannot be defined in any one culture...as it is creation's song/dance..."

As With all dancing/singing art, it is boundless spirit expressed through our humanness that attracts us. It is the energy, the connection, the destiny, the journey the artist embarks upon that touches us, that seduces us with creative yearning for this very essence of life. In these times, we may choose to engage as artists within a mapping that can lift our hearts into creative sovereignty...this is Artist Quest.

In our grief, in our joy, in our shattering, in our ecstasy; we have witnessed ourselves dancing and singing for vision to renew our truth, to love our humanness. We have watched the artist disappear with grace, venerability, and humbleness to touch the greater mystery.

Only because we have been kind to each other..and allowed our growing edge ..and through this reflection we have learned to let go, to give, to receive, and therefore reemerge; to live.

In Artist Quest, we disappear into our Indigenous Heart..simply to be held in the soul of forgiveness..once again..

- Sahn, From The Dancer's Journey, 2005

The Logistics:

To Be Announced

The Full Artist Quest is available to those who have attended a previous Group Artist Quest, Personal Artist Quest, completed a year/seasonal format with SMI, International(IIA), or by personal invitation.

To inquire please contact:
Benjamen Williams or Sahn at our California office: 415-457-3675
or Email: kai7iia@yahoo.com for registration and details.