All Curriculums Include our Ancient/Modern Drumming Ensemble:

"The old ones taught us that the Rocky Mountains are the backbone of the planet. That our very existence is reflected there, in those rock ancestors of this Earth. I liken our Ancient/Modern Drumming Ensemble to those mountains. These drummers have brought us their gifts of rhythm medicine for decades. They have been our protectors and inspiration. They have been our 'stronghold'; the fertile soil beneath our feet. Within the artistic realm of possibility they have seen our dancing spirits and healing hearts. They have been there for the dance of our lives."


Listed below are some of our
ensemble members, with deepest gratitude
we speak their names:

Benjamen Williams - Artistic Director
Johnthan Mantalvo (Windcloud)
Earl Shepard (Sundance)
Jack Springett
Christopher Krotky
Ben Benavidas
Linton Hale
David Jimez
Scott Railsback
Vlad Latimer
Tyler Nelson
Timbo Shanahan
Daneja Wolf
Ooshman Hain
Joe Fagen
Shane Reynolds
Barbara Borden
Suru Ekeh (in memoriam)"Teach your people to walk with
the rhythms of the Earth"
-- Suru Ekeh





Over the course of three decades. this woman Sahn and ensemble members, have brought us their innovative approach to the integration of dance/song as a language of our times; as a connection to the Indigenous Heart of human kind. Once again, they invite us into the wilderness and soft inner space of Artist Quest 2008-2009. The ceremonial context and root system of this artistic blueprint is felt as an intertwining of Dance Medicine Art, embracing the Soul of Sacred Song™. Within our artistic passion and silent depths we will cultivate a very personal listening and intimate conversation with creative spirit.

In our quest, we are dancing and singing for connection to the very soul of our Artistry; for our partnerships, for our family and community, for the universal prayer that holds us all together, and for the very existence of creative spirit upon this earth. We are dancing and singing to save lives and to effect the quality of life for all. "This connection is our Indigenous Heart. It cannot be defined in any one culture, as it is creation's dance of song."

As With all dancing/singing art, it is boundless spirit expressed through our humanness that attracts us. It is the energy, the connection, the destiny, the journey the artist embarks upon that touches us, that seduces us with creative yearning, for this very essence of life. In these times, we may choose to engage as artists within a mapping that can lift our hearts into creative sovereignty: this is "Artist Quest"™.

In our grief, in our joy, in our shattering, in our ecstasy; we have witnessed ourselves dancing and singing for vision to renew our truth, to love our humanness. We have watched the artist disappear with grace, venerability, and humbleness to touch the greater mystery.

Only because we have been kind to each other, allowing our growing edge; thus, through this reflection we have learned to let go, to give, to receive, and therefore reemerge-to live. In Artist Quest, we disappear into our Indigenous Heart, simply to be held in the soul of forgiveness, once again."

Events Calendar for 2008-2009
Lava Dance



Dance Theater 7, Fairfax, CA
• Third Saturday of each month

PAHOS - 9 Month Teacher Trainings
Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, CA
• Occuring throughout 2008

Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, CA
• Occuring throughout 2008

Southwest Sojourn: The Road to Taos
• May 1st - 4th, 2008

California Artist Quest
Marin County, California
• May 16th - 18th

Summer Solstice Artist Quest
Sonoma, California
• June 20th - 22nd

Autumnal Equinox Concert
Marin Ayurvedic Center
• September 20th

Autumnal Equinox Artist Quest
Westerbeke Ranch Conference Center
• October 5th - 7th

Art Installation: Men Dancing the Earth
Common Well
• September 20 - November 22

Ceremony Concert
Common Well
• November 22

A Journey of Discovery: Fiji & New Zealand Artist Quest
• December 1-7th, 2008

Dance Theater 7, Fairfax, CA
• Third Saturday of each month

Ongoing at The Common Well
Marin County
(contact us fyi)

Dance Theater 7/Westerbeke Ranch
(contact us fyi)

• February 26th–March 2nd, 2009

• February 3-5th, 2009

Dance & Sound Medicine Lodges: The Road To Taos - Part lll
Santa Fe, Taos, Nah benseih
• May 20-23, 2009

Dance & Sound Medicine Lodges: Boundaries of The Artistic Soul
Northern California

• June 19-21, 2009

Annual Autumnal Ceremony
Gifts of the Unspeakable: Reunion of all our Relatives
• September 19-20, 2009

Winter Solstice Ceremony
Whispers from the Kiva
• December 19-20, 2009

Annual Winter Artist Quest
Dancing The Sound Current
The Studio Maui
Maui, Hawaii

• Feb. 19-21, 2010


Peru Sojourn
The Ancient's Blessing Way
• April 16 - 20, 2010


New Zealand/Fiji Part ll
A Journey of Discovery: Interconnected Instincts
• December 1-7, 2011

The following poster represents our previous New Zealand Artist Quest:



Akasha Nilson:


"Sound and Movement maps to the true self... the original heart beat - i dance because it is my turn to dance i dance for the ancestors; fore, i am the one in form i sound for my heart and for the heart of humanity"

cell: 415-686-1017 USA


Kerstin Åkesson:

"Sound/Movement Integration™, a strong and powerful work with many different dimensions. A path to get to know life and oneself."

Kalmarsundsparken 3
392 47 Kalmar

phone: + 46 (0) 709 242589

more information on Kerstin can be found at:


Motais Marie:

23 Chemin de la Cour
La Revêtizon
79370 Celles sur Belle

phone: 0033 (0) 5 49 73 61 83
cell: 0033 (0) 6 89 87 15 36


Nancy Mills:

Attorney/Life Coach

Ontario, Canada


Tara Shorey:


"Stepping inside your circle and discovering not only your center but your voice that remembers how to dance, and your dance gives you your voice...a very powerful and transformative multi dimensional way to rediscover your gifts, naturally....and connected."

cell: 415-717-2469 USA

more information on Tara can be found at:


Lodge of the New Worlds™

This school is focused through the framework of a dancing/singing medicine lodge. The following excerpt from “Dancing The Earth”™ transcribed during our Maui Artist Quest, outlines some of our school’s basic understandings.

“This is your lodge. In this lodge we dance and sing. Your lodge is sacred to all of us. Silence is a good way to enter your lodge. Observe the moment you have entered, this will show you an aspect of what you are here to receive and give. Each of our gifts is needed in the journey we are embarking upon. This lodge has existed in this way for 28 years, before that cycle the ancestors stood long in this lodge for you, the future generation. Now, we will stand for future generations, as our ancestors did before us.

In our lodge we are dancing for connection to our very soul, for our partnerships, for our family and community, for the universal prayer that holds us all together, and for the very existence of creative spirit upon this earth. We are dancing and singing to save lives and to effect the quality of life for all. Here, within our lodge we will seek the essence of our individual soul design as well as our collective memory/imprint. This is our long dance, this is our burning edge into the dark night, this is the whisper of light filtering through our grief, our love. This is us, gathering one by one, coming together.

Our lodge will be run in rounds, with aspects of both traditional and New World Design™ Ceremony expressed. Our lodge has a very intricate and precise blueprint of structure that supports its integrity. This blueprint is the basis for profound spontaneity and freedom. The gift of this lodge is its timing in human history. We are a lodge of the New Worlds. Future generations will comprehend our timing and surpass our journey. This is good. Our lodge is rooted in joy and mutual respect. Our joy encompasses the deepest sorrow, as it must be within this realm.

Our lodge honors each of us as teachers, as pioneers. In our lodge it is understood that each teacher has a soul grouping they have come to work with in this world. This lodge acknowledges that you are each travelers passing through this journey, we do not own each other prayers. In this lodge we ask for integrity with the way we carry this prayer, this experience, into the worlds. In Gentle Gratitude, we honor the land, people and spirit of all cultures.”



“I lean into you, the etchings of my heart draw me close, write me into intimacy"

A four Season format, directly written from the wilderness and soft inner spaces that each season evokes. A quest of deep listening and intimate conversation with creative spirit in nature, culminating in a written manuscript of the students emerging theme, (come
surrendered to dance and song).


A year long quest into the songline that guides and nurtures our soulful heart. Embracing the connection between our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being.


Annual quest journey culminating in a performance offering during Summer Solstice time of year. The following excerpt from "Men Dancing the Earth"™, a companion book series, perhaps illustrates the basic premise of this program.

"I have often thought it would be beautiful to name this project Men Dancing the Earth™. Somehow all else follows, if the men are dancing then we are “ok”. If the men are dancing it indicates true warrior hood. It defines an authentic measure of where we are at, in time and space in our history as a humanity. The men dancing tells the truth of our humanitarian efforts on this planet, our earth.

What does this mean Men Dancing the Earth? In practice, and in metaphor, a man dancing the earth knows he has choices of perception and spiritual practice. He is connected to the sound and songs of his voice; as well as the dance and meditation of his body movement. A man dancing the earth with his sacred songs to life, begins to translate every moment through this knowledge."™


Annual quest journey culminating in “The Mother Ground” concert during the spring season.

Women Dancing

"In dineh, family, we nurture and guide each other, as women, through the daily art of living. Exposing, as yet, unmet voice journeys through the dancing spirit of each woman. Sharing her uniqueness of feminine understandings. there is nothing quite as exquisite as a woman dancing her soul’s design, as she emerges through the songs of her indigenous roots. This act of self love shared with other women is truly a gift to embrace; ever fluid and life changing. Required reading is “Women Dancing The Earth™”.

If you wish to inquire further into any of the year custom designed formats or events please visit Contact Us page.

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