What has been written about Sahn as teacher, author, designer: “Her signature work, the school, her writings, photography, and environmental designs: all this translates the journey of a contemporary, cross-cultural Native woman who has inherited her maternal grandfathers’ gift of song and her mother’s gift of dancing the dreamtime.

Through her offerings and development of the school’s curriculum's; she shares dreams, visions, writings, and designs of life as told to her from the dream time of her ancestors, the imagination of the natural world, and the beauty of creative spirit.

Rooted some thirty years ago through her own personal Artist Quest™: that which she brought into form through the dancing medicine wheel work and the Sounding Postures™ System of voice journeying are the backbone of this innovative school. This blueprint of knowledge known as “Sound/Movement Integration/SMI” has inspired many collaborative projects and curriculum's.

Over the years, as we have gathered together again and again, she engages our artistry and extends an invitation of soulful discovery. What is our gift to this world? As she passionately shares an intimate glimpse of The Beauty Way within moments of exquisite dance/song artistry."

Her work in this world, is a song created to inspire the soul’s dance in the teachers, students, artists, readers who join her in “Artist Quest”™. Calming her spirit and renewing her essence, beside the river where she was guided over her lifetime; Sahn offers all of us a poignant gift of love brought forth from the healing waters and river stones of her ancestral homeland.

Each curriculum, each Artist Quest™, each aspect of the work, has her signature feeling within it. She welcomes you into a community of artists and body of knowledge etched from the gifts of dance medicine and sacred song.”

Medicine Bag created by
Ancient Echos Medicine Art,
StarSong Light (Navajo, Blackfoot, Sioux)
Rocky Mountains, Colorado


“You are the fertile soil of our future generations
you are the hope and the answers to our ancestor’s prayers”

Our school’s uniqueness for the past thirty years has been a dedication to the weave between dance and voice as pioneering artistic expressions. The passionate expression of the individual’s soulful dance, blended with a sensitivity of the chords woven from the singer within, connecting with earth and sky. Ultimately,simple and life long through all of our cycles. A lasting, evolving art, born from each of our own hearts, touching with the whole of humanity.

In the linage of traditional elders meeting the walk of the progressive new thinkers; all curriculum's take place within a ceremonial context. This school is a generational/longevity format. What this means to us, is that we are developing ceremonies for a New World Design™. Built into our studies is the awareness that our personal and community work will be inherited by those to come. In this artistic promise to our selves we hope to align with our traditional elders/teachers wisdom and cultivate New World Designs™ for these times we have chosen.

The new wing of studies under the Institute of Indigenous Arts has been a natural extension of the curriculum's cultivated through SMI, International. Every artist has a root system of heritage; it is our gift to know the deepest knowledge of this fabric. The school’s focus and care towards each artist’s indigenous roots is an exciting and passionate statement of care and alertness to the times we live in.

When we understand where we come from and the cycles we are navigating within; we then become more knowledgeable of our potential. To have a since of family (dineh), and community in these times is truly an enhancement to our lives and deepens our sense of purpose both artistically and in relationship to our humanity.

By this time, the school has seen several generations of artists pass through it’s door way. The continued dedication of artistic collaboration between Sahn, the Ancient/Modern Drumming Ensemble, The Pahos Project, Institute of Indigenous Arts, Artist Quest™ and the community of artists drawn to this work: has provided now this opportunity of connection. We forsee our webb site as a window, a glimpse into our custom designed formats, and how you, our reader, may tap into this deep reservoir of artistic ceremony and New World Design™.

Welcome to this time of connection; we invite your inquiries.

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