"You reach a point where there is no turning back
to express your heart and soul becomes a moving force
the creative process of life has chosen you
and thus remembering, you touch others
for your discovery is a bond with the natural forces of life
as well as humanity
you are an artist of life."

- The Dancer’s Journey™, 1986 -

"This aspect of our school's Indigenous Art is a song to life, to our families, to all nations, to creative spirit. Ensemble members extend their artistry and welcome you to join together with us in the beauty way (Ho'zhoni). Sahn and the ensemble members journey us through a landscape of ancestral love songs and wild deepening rhythms. Our Performances are a rare blend of cross cultural vocals and instrumentation enhanced by soulful choreography. These artists bring to each gathering, their tender-wild songs that speak of the changing seasons ...of the earth...of the sky...of the mysteries felt within the human heart...”

The Ancient/Modern Performance Company, since 1990, has developed and offered seasonal concerts portraying themes of enviornmental concern, sensitivity to species( humpback whales, eagles, mountain lion, elephants) cross cultural, and humanitarian leading edge genre. Each concert portrays an attitude that evokes feelings both Subtle and stirring to the soul of our creative existance.

The Pahos Project Concert Series, since 2000, depicting the diverse heritage of New World Design,™ music from our ensemble. Themes are based on Indigenous Art from many cultures. These concerts are known for invoking the dancing spirit and shared songline of each of our artistry in a celebration to life!